Which Social Media is Best For Your Business?
Posted on : 06/Oct/2021
Author : Admin
Which Social Media is Best For Your Business?

Social media is one of the most profitable marketing channels (if used correctly). It’s an excellent way to build brand awareness, connect with existing customers, and generate new leads to fill your funnel. But we already know that at Creatives Amplified we have compiled and recommended the most ideal social media platform that would be effective for your type of business. We have considered platforms that are effective geographically and demographically. 

Facebook (Suitable for Most Businesses)

Facebook has over 1 Billion active users daily and approximately 2.6 Million users in Qatar alone, making it by far the most used social media in Qatar. Hence it is clear that it is very effective at targeting audiences for any type of business. Utilizing Facebook's Ads to raise awareness related to your business and its services is one of the most effective methods to generate reach. The Facebook Ad platform will allow the marketing team to segment and target the intended audience allowing for effective marketing. 

Instagram (Visuals Focused Businesses) 

Instagram began as a mobile-only photo and video sharing platform and the visual aspect is still at its core use. However, it has expanded to videos in a feature called “stories” and “reels”. Thus, Instagram has become an excellent way for brands to literally show (rather than tell) their products, values, and voice. Hence we believe that sellers of products that have a visual appeal or brands that are able to utilize visuals creatively in their campaigns tend to perform the best on this social media channel.

Twitter (High Engagement Businesses)

When it comes to using Twitter as a platform for your business. Your primary target is to continuously update and engage with your audience. Part of doing that is standing out from your competition, consistently engaging with your audience, and adding valuable content with all of your posts. Twitter is a network for organic engagement. This means that you don’t necessarily have to use paid advertisements to build an audience. This enhances the platform’s value as it all depends on your direct engagement with users for it to be effective.. The most common model utilized is Twitter website cards hosting under 100 characters and displaying some variety of rich media.

Linkedin (Official & Structured Businesses)

LinkedIn was one of the first modern social media sites to become a networking tool exclusively for professionals. One thing to keep in mind about LinkedIn, however, is that you’re more likely to find business partners than new customers (unless your market includes B2B). The type of businesses that see the greatest success with LinkedIn advertising include recruiters, secondary education, and high-end B2B products and services. The B2B aspect is vital as you will be targeting employees of companies. The social media itself helps make everything official and eases your way towards a deal. 

Snapchat (Young Audience Focused Businesses)

Snapchat is another mobile-only, visual social media network that's known for its disappearing content. Users can send videos and photos to each other or post content to their public Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. The concept here is urgency. Creating content that is shared within that 24 hour time frame.  There’s really only one important number that you need to consider to understand the value of Snapchat. On any given day, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year-olds with an internet connection. 


Finally, we all know the value that social media brings to our businesses. Utilizing a mix of social media with varying content creation strategies is effective to reach all potential target audiences. Once the audience is found, emphasize on that social media while maintaining the rest.